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Cybercurb™ advises on new technology business strategy including legal/regulatory, privacy, partnerships, business development, branding and strategy.

We partner with Endeavor which identifies and industrializes game changing technology for the US Government and major international companies based throughout the world.

We explain the technical to the non-technical. Clients include companies, business executives and board members. We integrate our legal, policy, business, electrical engineering, and cybersecurity expertise to identify cybersecurity issues. We also help to identify expert witnesses.

Our clients include RIWI which provides Real-time Interactive Worldwide Intelligence; ArmorCode, an application security posture management and orchestration platform; Dasera, a database security solution; MergeBase, a software composition analysis solution; Soft Trust Inc., a provider of secure encrypted communications; AnyLog, an IoT data solution,  CipherTrace, which traces cryptocurrency transactions for law enforcement and anti-money laundering purposes; and, Acalvio, a distributed cybersecurity deception platform.