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Use the form below to tell us about your business including the most relevant words related to your business. As further guidance for us, you may also provide us a few names of brands of other companies that you like.

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Within two days, we will email you a new original brand which you may use subject to the below.

How does CyberCurb make money?

Customized original corporate name and branding services can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – regardless of whether you use the new brand and do not include any domain name.

Many of our customers later choose to buy the .com domain name from us which we will have registered prior to giving you your new brand. There are 1,800 alternatives to .com that you are free to register yourself. The price of the .com of the brand is US$50,000. The .com domain is not reserved for you prior to purchase.

Our service provides you only a brand with no warranty respecting trademarks. Before using the brand, you must receive all trademark advice from a qualified lawyer, including as to whether the brand infringes on anyone else's trademark and whether the brand may be registrable by you as a trademark. A simple Internet search is not sufficient. We provide only one brand per business and only reply to serious enquiries.


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