The Coming Programming Language of Blockchain Smart Contracts: English

Lawyers, all by themselves, will soon being able to program smart contracts using English. Smart contracts are computer programs involving different parties which leverage the advantages of blockchain technologies.

With the advent of powerful artificial intelligence (AI), human languages are now easily translatable into almost every other language. We witness that every time Google asks us if we would like a website in foreign language translated to English.

The AI language translations are very good, but they are not perfect. For basic human communication, however, translations do not need to be perfect.

Language translation perfection, however, will now be required for the programming of smart contracts using English using systems such as

Anyone can now program, including lawyers.

The main way for a human to input information into a computer will very soon no longer be the keyboard. The input method of choice is fast becoming natural language, e.g. English. We already talk to Siri and Alexa now.

With the ability to program using natural language, a construct of human thinking, human thought is being wired directly into computing systems. Will humans slowly become part of The Borg, the Star Trek alien that co-opts the technology and knowledge of other species?

Many are afraid of AI. It is possible that AI can become The Borg or worse. However, it gives me comfort knowing that, now, humans, speaking their own native language, can program computers directly without the need for computer programmers. Humans will, therefore, be able to better understand the AI rules that are governing more and more of our lives.

Hopefully, then, we end up with less Borg and more harmless Star Trek Tribbles.


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